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Rob Williams is a multi award winning performer, writer, and producer. He can be seen on tour around the world with his current show which is a mix of physical comedy stunts and audience interaction. As part of this show, Rob makes a baloney sandwich using only his feet. Jay Leno has eaten this sandwich. Donny Osmond has eaten this sandwich.

You are more than welcome to eat this sandwich.
1210 1/2 Myra Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90029


Solo Variety - updated 2/1/2011

Solo Variety

Harveysburg, OH   Ohio Renaissance Festival   Sept. 4 - Oct. 17 2010 weekends
Boise, ID   Tour de Fat   August 21 2010
Portland, OR   Tour de Fat   August 14 2010
Kenosha, WI   Bristol Renaissance Faire   July 10 - Aug. 8 2010 weekends
Larkspur, CO   Colorado Renaissance Festival   June 19 - July 4 2010 weekends
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada   Waterloo Arts Festival   June 12 & 13 2010
Fairburn, GA   Georgia Renaissance Festival   June 5 & 6 2010
Addison, TX   Improv/comedy club/headliner   May 13 2010
Waxahachie, TX   Scarborough Renaissance Faire   April 10 - May 31, 2010

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